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Feel the power of thermal water

Thermal water

Thermal water is an inexhaustible source of natural wealth that has a beneficial effect on a variety of skin diseases, heals and nourishes the skin, and helps with many rheumatic diseases, post-surgical processes and the healing of joint and bone injuries. It comes forth at the foot of Mihanović Mansion, where the pools at the spring are located. Thermal water also fills the pools in the Water Planet. Combined with healing mud, it offers guests an invaluable experience.

Feel the power of thermal water

Thermal water is one of the healing mineral waters of the sulphur water group. At the spring itself, the thermal water temperature ranges from 32 to 33 degrees Celsius.

Its healing effects are particularly visible in relieving the symptoms of:

  • rheumatic diseases,
  • post-surgical processes,
  • the consequences of damage to the joints and bones,
  • various skin diseases.

The peculiarity of Tuhelj thermal water is the large number of peloid particles that gather in the substances that have arisen in nature during geological processes. These finely divided particles are of mineral and vegetable origin. The main constituent of water is sulphur, which enhances its healing properties. In addition to sulphur, thermal water of Tuhelj also contains sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, strontium and many other ingredients.

Guests can enjoy thermal water in all the outdoor and indoor pools, as well as take a swim in the thermal water spring. The pools at the spring are located near Mihanović Mansion and provide a unique experience interwoven with the natural properties of thermal water and healing mud.


Activities in thermal water are extremely beneficial to your health. Water resistance and water activity make it easier to lose weight, body muscles are properly formed, and in addition to physical appearance, water activities have a positive effect on the heart and blood vessels and are a great way to prevent stress.


Thermal water spring

The healing thermal water springs at the foot of Mihanović Mansion and offers guests an invaluable thermal experience full of the beneficial effects of healing water and peloid mud. The pools of the Water Planet are filled with thermal water from the spring.

Water rich in sulphur

Thermal water belongs to the group of sulphur waters, which makes it one of the most healing thermal waters in this part of Europe. It is rich in sulphur, sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium and strontium and other elements that enhance its healing effect.

Positive properties of thermal water

Thermal water has a positive effect on combating rheumatic symptoms and helps in treating the symptoms of joint and bone damage. It has a positive effect on various skin diseases, in addition to healing and nourishing the skin.

Activities in thermal water

Activities in thermal water will shape your body, stimulate weight loss, have a positive effect on the heart and blood vessels, and help manage stress. We regularly organize morning exercises in the water, afternoon water aerobics, underwater massages and recreational swimming.

Thermal mud

Thermal mud matures naturally at the bottom of healing thermal water springs and, in combination with water, forms an inexhaustible source of energy and health. You will experience natural wellness on your skin with thermal mud treatments and special programmes at the Sauna World.

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Summer vacation

Hotel Well****

  • min. 2x full board
  • unlimited drinks with lunch and dinner
  • free swimming on the Water planet swimmpingpools
  • For families
6/21/2024 - 9/8/2024
73.52 EUR
per person / night

Romantic package

Hotel Well****

  • Sweet welcome in the room
  • Relaxing massage for two in the SPAeVITA center
  • Unlimited relaxation in the Sauna world
  • For couples
1/8/2023 - 12/28/2024
596.00 EUR
for 2 people

Springitme Glamping

Glamping village Terme Tuhelj

  • overnight stay in a luxury mobile home 5*
  • unlimited swimming in the outdoor thermal pool in the Glamping Village of Terme Tuhelj
  • free entrance to Water planet pools
  • For couples
4/8/2024 - 6/30/2024
119.00 EUR
for 2 people
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