Presenting a sauna relaxation plan

If you receive an invitation to a sauna in Finland and refuse, this is considered an insult. We do not have such a sauna culture, but because of the modern way of life and the amount of stress it brings, the pleasure of sauna-bathing is becoming more and more popular.


Not knowing the sauna etiquette and the general lack of information about "what it really looks like in saunas" is the most common reason why most people do not try them. There is a Finnish saying that says: “Behave in the sauna as you would behave in the church.” Indeed, sauna is a place where silence is not uncomfortable. It is a place of peace and almost meditative introspection.


To give you the best possible experience of three hours of tranquillity and sauna pleasure, we present a detailed schedule for you to plan your perfect day, reserved for total relaxation in the magical Sauna World.


  • Start your day in the sauna oasis of peace with a 15-minute deep physical and mental relaxation by gently warming your body in Laconium, a dry bath that will prepare your body for the high temperatures that follow.
  • Take a shower and get ready for 15 to 20 minutes in a double steam sauna where steam will open up all the pores in your skin, relax your muscles and airways.
  • Shower again or take a break. Allow your body to relax for 20 to 30 minutes. Rest is essential when sauna-bathing. You can choose from four relaxation areas with soft beds and hammocks. Each is a different colour and has a chromotherapeutic effect on your body. You can also relax in one of the two pools (indoor and outdoor) or in the wellness bar with fine tea. It is important to drink plenty of fluids during sauna bathing!
  • Then follow 15 minutes in a bio-ionising sauna with pleasant heat and moderate humidity, which relaxes and has a beneficial effect on the body.
  • Repeat a 30-minute rest with a shower. Why is this part important? After every visit to the sauna, it is important to cool down because of the high temperatures that your body is exposed to. It does not have to be showering alone. Also available are a cold pool and a Kneipp path with warm and cold water.
  •  The Finnish extreme sauna with extremely high temperature will lead to increased sweating, which helps to eliminate harmful substances from the body. Spend 8 to 12 minutes here (as long as you can handle).
  • Take a warm shower and then spend 5 to 10 minutes in the ice cave or in the pool.
  • Then take 30-minute break for a shower, few beverages in the wellness bar and a break, then follows a sauna program. Spend 12 minutes in the air whirling program. The sauna program is characterized by intense air whirling that distributes the temperature evenly throughout the sauna, increasing its influence on the body.
  • Take another warm shower and go in the ice pool for 5 to 10 minutes. 

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Sauna programs are something you should not miss

Saunas also exist in other cultures. They are especially established in Finland, in their national culture and tradition. They are an integral part of almost every household there. Sauna is deeply embedded in the lifestyle and culture of the Finns, it is their sacred place. A place of complete relaxation. The first saunas were built two thousand years ago out of the need to survive the harsh winter conditions typical of Scandinavian region. When the Finns moved around the world, they transferred their love of saunas to other nations. Sauna (translated bath) is the only Finnish word in English vocabulary! If you spend one day in the sauna at Terme Tuhelj, we believe that you will see its magical features yourself. At the Sauna World of the Well Hotel, different sauna programs are exchanged every hour, designed to experience saunas as a place where you can fully relax - your sanctuary, a place where you can always go when the rhythm of obligations and the noise of everyday life is too much. The Sauna World includes four Finnish and three steam saunas and a Laconium, a dry bath that gently warms the body and prepares it for the exposure to high temperatures in one of the saunas. If you enter this sauna paradise for a few hours, you will forget about the time, the outside world, worries and stress. Each sauna has its own story, which is created by the sauna masters (in charge of the sauna guest experience) with different aromas, heat, sounds, all for the purpose of maximum relaxation of the guests. We recommend you to choose a day at the Sauna World with programs that attract you the most and indulge in an unforgettable art sauna experience. Aromatic air whirling programs with the addition of honey, yoghurt, grapes, salt and various aromatic oils, adapted to the season, are carried out in the salt and steam sauna. For lovers of sweet things, there are sugar scrubs and irresistible chocolate programs - just chocolate, mint chocolate or coconut chocolate. Mud programs are especially popular because they include thermal healing mud that matures at the source of the Tuhel thermal water. Here are also Cleopatra's program, the Sweet Dreams program and many others. The Sauna World is always open to all, except in two cases. For women who want to turn the Sauna World into their private spa for friends, Ladies Day begins on Tuesdays at 6 pm - a day when sauna programs are reserved for women only. On Wednesdays, from 12 pm to 2 pm, and on Saturdays, from 10 am to 12 pm, saunas are reserved for family sauna-bathing. This is a time when parents with children can enjoy sauna programs that will introduce their love of saunas and healthy habits from an early age.

What is a welcome and goodbye touch?

Welcome and goodbye rituals at the SPAeVITA Centre were made under the watchful eye of wellness therapist Pedja Filipović. Rituals give a special artistic touch to massages, while relax guests even more and give them a special comfort and create trust. Rituals are a part of the Art&Spa concept.

What is the Art&Spa Festival?

The Art&Spa Festival is an urban wellness and arts festival that encourages guests to be creative and let their imagination free in a fun way. Through various programs, workshops, concerts and tastings, guests get to know various branches of art that they subtly enjoy. The Art&Spa Festival consists of the Art&Spa School for Children, Art&Fun at the Water Planet, and Art&Wine with concerts and wine tastings.