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Wellcard club Terme Tuhelj

Because you’re important to us!

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Wellcard club Terme Tuhelj

Because you’re important to us!

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Your loyalty is our biggest reward, so we strive to offer you more every step of the way. For you, we have renewed our loyalty program Wellcard Olimia, in which we combined the loyalty programs Terme Olimia and Terme Tuhelj under one roof and in one card. Welcome to the community, where you collect WELLcoin value points with every euro you buy, which brings you discounts, surprises and above-standard benefits.

The new Wellcard Olimia brings many novelties and benefits, such as:

  • benefits, exclusive rewards, and surprises,
  • new loyalty points called WELLcoins,
  • WELLcoins are received at each purchase, regardless of the amount – every euro counts,
  • you receive 42 WELLcoins for each euro spent,
  • you also receive WELLcoins for activities that are not related to the purchase,
  • greater loyalty brings you more benefits - based on purchases, you switch between levels that provide you with additional benefits; you can progress to WELLzen or WELLpremium membership level.

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Questions & Answers

How do I earn WELLcoins?


So far, in the same way as before – with purchases. Each euro of a purchase counts, regardless of the amount of the invoice or the location. For 1 € you receive 42 WELLcoins.

How can I spend WELLcoins?

The same way you have spent your bonuses so far - as a discount when you pay at our reception desks or cash registers. 1,000 WELLcoins get you 1€ discount.

What happened to the existing bonuses?

Existing bonuses have been fully converted into WELLcoins.

Example: So far you have had a 25€ bonus in your account. Now you have a bonus worth 25,000 WELLcoins.

When do WELLcoins expire?

We have extended the validity of the points. The validity of WELLcoins lasts from the acquisition of points until the end of the next calendar year. If you receive WELLcoins today, these are valid until 31. 12. 2025.





Discount on services and special offers for Wellcard members
Discounts at partners in the surrounding area
Gift for joining
1,500 points
Birthday surprise
2,500 points
2,500 points
2,500 points
Thermal water and fresh fruit  
on arrival
in the room every day
Gift for level change  
10,000 points
20,000 points
Gift in your room on arrival  
local wine + good night's sleep set
Sweet surprise at Lipa Restaurant (TO) or Terra Lounge Bar (TT)    
Possibility of checking out of the hotel later  
one hour later *
until 16:00 *
Reserved parking in the garage of Hotel Sotelia (TO) or Hotel Well (TT)  
Late breakfast in your room until 12:00 (if breakfast is included) - 1x during your stay  
Possibility to book a room on request   *

* Subject to availability