Wellcard Olimia loyalty program general terms and conditions

Valid as from 16 February 2024, second edition.

These general conditions define the Wellcard Olimia loyalty programme, the owner and operator of which is Terme Olimia, d.d., Zdraviliška cesta 24, 3254 Podčetrtek, as well as the mutual relations with members of the loyalty programme. The loyalty programme membership is subject to these general terms and conditions, which, until these general terms and conditions come into effect, supersede and replace the applicable rules, terms or conditions of the loyalty programme. By accepting these general terms and conditions, one agrees to a Wellcard Olimia membership, thereby accepting these general terms and conditions and their application, and also becoming a member of the programme.

The purpose of the Wellcard Olimia loyalty programme is to reward loyal guests and create a long-term relationship with the guests of Terme Olimia and Terme Tuhelj.


1. Definitions of terms

The manager of the loyalty programme is Terme Olimia, d.d., Zdraviliška cesta 24, 3254 Podčetrtek, which also represents the subsidiary company Terme Tuhelj, d.o.o., Ljudevita Gaja 4, HR – 49 215 Tuheljske Toplice (hereinafter: the Terme Olimia Group).

The Wellcard Olimia loyalty programme (hereinafter: LP) is a loyalty reward programme for the end users (guests) of the Terme Olimia Group. The membership is free and applies to persons (over the age of 18). Legal entities and sole proprietors, groups, associations and other forms of legal entities under private and public law are exempt from the programme and cannot receive Wellcoins based on invoices, even if they are issued in the member's personal name. Thise guests of the Terme Olimia Group who are members of this programme, in accordance with these general terms and conditions, collect points for the purchase of services in the Terme Olimia Group. The points collected can be exchanged for additional benefits in accordance with the rules of the LP.

The trademark Wellcard Olimia is owned by Terme Olimia, d.d.. It is protected by the Office of the Republic of Slovenia for Intellectual Property under the registration numbers 201171234 and 202270604. The trademark Wellcoin, also owned by Terme Olimia, d.d., is protected by the Office of the Republic of Slovenia for Intellectual Property under the registration number 202270525.

The application statement or application form is a form that a potential member of the programme fills out and signs, thereby simultaneously consenting to these general terms and conditions and membership in the LP. The general terms and conditions are an integral part of the application form. The completed and signed membership application form - including the general terms and conditions as an integral part of the application form - represents the contract between the holder and the manager of the LP. Equally valid are the online and mobile filling-out and confirmation of the accession form, as well as the digital application form upon arrival at the hotel. Membership takes effect on the date indicated on the application statement.

The Wellcard Olimia ID is a unique member identification number that a member receives upon joining the Wellcard Olimia loyalty programme. The member can see their unique ID number in their online profile. This digital tool allows the manager of the loyalty programme to identify the respective member, assign them a reservation or a purchase made, record the claim of benefits and any other activities that bring benefits to the respective member. With the QR code, the respective LP member can identify themselves at all locations in the Terme Olimia Group, as well as when registering and entering the My Wellcard web portal or the Wellcard Olimia mobile application.

Upon registration, each member receives a digital card with their first and last name, their ID number and their QR code. The latter is used as a proof of membership, to obtain and claim the benefits in accordance with the general rules, as well as for special promotions of the LP.

My Wellcard is an online portal, accessible solely for the LP Wellcard Olimia members. It is hosted by the websites of Terme Olimia and Terme Tuhelj, while accessing it is only possible using an email address and password. My Wellcard is a personal online profile of a club member, containing the basic information about the member, their digital card, the balance of points, past purchases and the member's consents.

The Wellcard Olimia mobile application is available to all members of the LP Wellcard Olimia. It can be downloaded using the Google Play or Apple Store applications and can only be accessed by using a username and password.

The benefits that can be obtained by the cardholder are the Wellcoin points, obtaining credit of a certain amount, as well as benefits in the form of discounts and other additional benefits, exclusive rewards and advantages.

The Wellcoin is a unit value expressed in the reward points. Members earn their points by purchasing the services. Each euro spent is worth 42 Wellcoin points.

LP's contractual partners are legal and natural persons that do not participate in the offer of the Terme Olimia Group. The partners offer LP members certain benefits related to their services . The Terme Olimia Group does not provide the services of its partners and does not guarantee their quality. The Terme Olimia Group reserves the right to change the selected LP partners.


2. Application and membership

The LP membership based on an application form is a condition to participate in the LP.

The indication of the e-mail address of the applicant in the application form is a condition for full membership.

LP membership is open to any natural person over the age of 18 with a business capacity and meeting the conditions set by the LP operator.

The applicant shall fill out the application form correctly and completely. An applicant can become a member of the LP in one the following ways: at the website of Terme Olimia or Terme Tuhelj, in the Wellcard Olimia mobile application or by signing a digital application form on a computer tablet at the receptions of Terme Olimia and Terme Tuhelj.

The applicant confirms having read and fully agreeing with the applicable general terms and conditions of the Wellcard Olimia loyalty programme.

The Terme Olimia group shall provide the membership and include the applicant in the LP no later than one working day after receiving the correctly and fully completed application form. The membership and thus the collection of points are valid from the day of entry in the LP.

Upon submission of the duly completed application form, the applicant shall receive a digital card with an identification bar code. The digital card can be accessed using the My Wellcard online profile or the Wellcard Olimia mobile application.

In order to be issued a physical card, a member of LP Wellcard Olimia shall submit a written statement by e-mail to the e-mail address: wellcard@terme-olimia.com. The cost of producing a physical card is €12.00 and is covered by the member requesting the issuance of a physical card.

If a member does not have an e-mail address, they can exceptionally fill out a physical accession declaration, whereby this type of approach excludes the possibility of full membership due to the missing information regarding the e-mail address, which is necessary for informing the members (by e- newsletter and other notices). In this case, the member is issued a physical card at the cost of EUR 12.00.

The Terme Olimia Group reserves the right to refuse access to membership if not all of the conditions for membership are met.

A member can terminate the membership of the LP Wellcard Olimia at any time. This is done by canceling the membership in writing and requesting that the personal data controller cease to use, process and store the personal data for the purpose of direct marketing, resulting in the loss of the benefits derived from the consents. A member can send a written cancellation of membership to the address wellcard@terme-olimia.com or dpo@terme-olimia.com. Membership shall cease after the expiration of a one-month period as from the receipt of the resignation letter. A member's entire profile shall be terminated, the balance of unused points shall be deleted, and all collected personal data of a member shall also be deleted.

The Wellcard Olimia card can only be transferred between close family members.

Close family members are relatives up to the second generation (grandparents, parents, descendants, adopted children, children of a spouse or extra-marital, grandchildren), spouses, extra-marital partners and partners in a partnership. Relationships between children and their legal representatives, if they are not their parents, also count as close family members. Close family members are not considered to be relatives on the sidelines: brothers and sisters, cousins, uncles and aunts, nephews and nieces.

The points and the membership are the property of the Terme Olimia group. Upon the termination of membership for any reason, all unredeemed points cease, and the member's right to participate in the LP ceases as a result. In the event of a member's death, all unused points can be transferred to the account of a close family member from the paragraph above. The transfer is possible within six (6) months of receiving the notification of death of the member, if the deceased has any outstanding Wellcoin points balances. Points cannot be redeemed for cash value or payout.

The Terme Olimia group is not responsible for any member or action taken in the connection with the LP Wellcard Olimia, except for errors related to the adding of the Wellcoin points to the Wellcard account. The only means available to the members in the Wellcard account is the addition and subtraction of points in the LP, which is proven by the evidence of legitimate consumption, such as a hotel bill, a bill from a hotel restaurant or the hotel wellness. The Terme Olimia group is not responsible for any damage. The Terme Olimia Group cannot guarantee the operation of the service in the event of a failure of the contractual partners' network, a power outage or other technical disturbances that could temporarily disrupt the operation of the service, neither it is responsible for any damage resulting from these extraordinary events. Terme Olimia Group is not responsible for any damage caused by force majeure.

The general conditions are subject to the legislation of the Republic of Slovenia.


3. Credit period

The credit period is the period during which a member has the opportunity to benefit from the collected points in the manner as specified by the rules and conditions. A member can earn points as from the date of addition until the end of the following calendar year. After the end of the credit period, the unused points of the credit period expire and are deleted from the system. This terminates any possibility of claiming benefits.


4. Obtaining the points and their validity

Membership in the LP Wellcard Olimia is a condition for starting to collect points. With every euro spent, a member earns 42 Wellcoin points. Wellcoin points are awarded to a member when purchasing all types of overnight stays, any services (for example pool tickets, saunas, massages, cosmetic and beauty services), non-board catering services and when purchasing any gift vouchers of normal value intended for their personal use and the use of their close family members. For personal use, the payment applies for a maximum of 3 (three) rooms. Wellcoin points are not recognized for the purchase of tobacco, tobacco products, merchandise, tourist tax, registration fees, tips, consumption for banquets, meetings, seminars, conferences and other services to support business events, if the payer is a legal entity; and for the purchase of products from partners or other local providers that are not part of the Terme Olimia Group. Also, a member cannot obtain Wellcoin points for the reservations made with the help of any intermediaries - travel agencies, coupon providers, operators, sales representatives - or through any other websites that are not owned by the Terme Olimia Group (for example: Booking.com or similar portals).

The acquisition of the Wellcoin points is not possible in the case of major private events for which a special offer is received, such as weddings, anniversaries, large celebrations and similar events.

A member cannot earn any Wellcoin points when using a gift certificate or if the payer of any service is not a natural person in their own name for their own account.

A member can obtain Wellcoin points for activities that are not related to a purchase. A member can also earn points through their active involvement in the process of improving the offer, by participating in guest satisfaction surveys and with other activities that are presented in the framework of the LP Wellcard Olimia on the websites of Terme Olimia and Terme Tuhelj.

If an LP Wellcard Olimia member wants to use their membership and obtain Wellcoin points for restaurant services, they should present proof of their membership to the employee when ordering the restaurant services.

There is no difference between the points obtained at Terme Olimia and Terme Tuhelj, regardless of the location.

The Terme Olimia group can change, cancel or add new options to collect the points, membership levels and the range of benefits, of which the LP members shall be notified in a timely manner by publication in the usual way. Without the presentation of a physical or digital card at each service payment, no benefits of Wellcard Olimia membership can be used or claimed.

A member can acquire points for personal purposes only (for themselves and their immediate family members).

The points cannot be exchanged for cash, rewards or credit. Prizes must be redeemed in accordance with these General Terms and Conditions.

Prizes are not transferable to third parties.


5. Wellcard Olimia Membership Levels

LP members are divided into three membership levels: WELLstart , WELLzen and WELLpremium .

Membership levels differ in the benefits available to the LP Wellcard Olimia members. Members can view the benefits on the Olimia Spa and Tuhelj Spa websites.

Access to the level of membership, respectively, depends on the member's consumption in the past two years, as from the date of today. The initial level of membership is WELLstart, which every new LP member automatically accesses upon registration. WELLzen includes LP members who, in the last two years, as from the date of today, have made purchases in the total value of at least EUR 2,500.00 at the sales points of Terme Olimia and Terme Tuhelj. Included in the WELLpremium level are the LP members who, as from the date of today, have made purchases in the last two years at the sales points of Terme Olimia and Terme Tuhelj with a total value of at least EUR 5,000.00.

For the value of the total, which is the basis for determining whether the conditions accessing one of the three membership levels have been met, all purchases that resulted in the allocation of the Wellcoin points are taken into account. Excluded from this total value are the purchases or the value of purchases where the payment was made with Wellcoin points, i.e. with rewards received based on past purchases. Also, the value of the tourist and promotional tax and the value of the invoice or part of the invoice that an LP member settles with a gift voucher are not included in the total.

When an LP member can access a higher level, they shall remain at this level for the next two years, as from the date of today, and starting with the date accessing the current level. After two years from accessing a higher level, the recalculation is carried out again - the total value of the purchases is checked and thus the fulfillment of the conditions for the individual level. In the meantime, an LP member can advance to a higher level. In case of promotion to a higher level, it is again valid that the LP member shall remain there for two years as from the date of having been assigned to it.


6. Informing LP members about the status of points and communication with the members

Members can see the status of their points solely by the means of their member ID number or membership card. The state of the number of Wellcoin points collected can be checked upon the arrival at all hotel receptions and at the swimming pool cash desks. Members can also access the information on the state of their points through the My Wellcard web portal or the Wellcard Olimia mobile application. The portal can be accessed by entering an email address and a chosen personal password. The first login serves as registration, during which a member creates their personal user profile. By logging in to their personal profile, members can access information about the purchases made in Terme Olimia and Terme Tuhelj, the number of Wellcoin points collected, the history of purchases and their benefits. A member can see an overview of the points consumption and the final balance of the Wellcoin points in the account. Members receive special and customized offers from the operator of LP Wellcard Olimia in their account.

The Terme Olimia group shall inform its LP members by e-mail and on the websites of Terme Olimia and Terme Tuhelj, and in exceptional cases by post.


7. Use of points, use of discounts and other benefits

A member can redeem the Wellcoin points collected in the form of a discount for the purchase of services and products from the regular offer. An LP member shall receive a EUR 1.00 discount for every 1000 Wellcoin points collected.

The benefits of special offers for members are intended exclusively for members and are limited in terms of time. Members will be informed about the benefits of special offers by e-mail and on the Terme Olimia and Term Tuhelj websites.


8. Complaints and appeals

Any claims and complaints related to the services provided shall be submitted by a member at the reception of the hotels or swimming pools or to the e-mail address: wellcard@terme-olimia.com. The person responsible and the competent department of the LP operator shall participate in solving the claim or complaint. Complaints related to individual transactions, as well as appeals and all other possible disputes related to the issuance and use of the card, shall be resolved by the competent department of the operator. Resolving all types of claims or complaints shall be exclusively in writing. The manager shall take into account all relevant regulations applicable when resolving all complaints.


9. Loss, theft, misuse of the card

In case of misuse of the card, the holder informs the issuer accordingly, by filling out a written statement and equipping it with a request for the issuance of a new digital card. The member's identification number remains unchanged, and the holder receives a new card. Upon appropriate submission of the request, the issuer shall recognize all the Wellcoin points collected up to that point, which have not yet been redeemed when the card is cancelled, to the holder of the new card. When the card is cancelled, the cardholder's active points are temporarily frozen. When the issuer issues a new card, the holder credits the temporarily frozen points to the new card and reactivates them. A written statement and a request for a new card due to loss, theft or misuse are available on the websites of Terme Olimia and Terme Tuhelj. Additional information regarding the submission of the statement and claim is also available to members at the email address wellcard@terme-olimia.com or by phone 03 829 7836.


10. Permanent or temporary restriction of the right to use the card or revocation of the card

The issuer reserves the right to temporarily or permanently limit or revoke the right to use the card, in cases where:

- by using the card, the holder violates the legislation in force and/or provisions of these general conditions or attempts to do so or enables another person to do so;

- there are objectively justified reasons related to the security of the card;

- there is a suspicion of unauthorized or fraudulent use of the card. The issuer reserves the right to exercise control over the holder's operations and monitor suspicious transactions in order to prevent the risks of card abuse.

The card may be confiscated from the holder in case of suspected misuse or after being previously placed on the list of canceled/invalid cards.


11. Consent for the processing and protection of personal data

As part of the LP, the Terme Olimia Group, as the controller of personal data, processes the personal data of LP members, based on their consent and in accordance with these general conditions and the legal notice on the website www.terme-olimia.com.

When implementing the LP, the Terme Olimia Group collects and processes the personal data of the LP members, data on reservations, purchases and use of services and the redemption of prizes, for the purpose of calculating and allocating points, informing members about their points status, offer discounts and other exclusive and extraordinary benefits.

In order to join the LP and obtain a membership card, the applicant must provide the Terme Olimia Group with their personal data: first name, last name, gender, residential address, mobile phone number, email address and date of birth.

In addition to the mandatory data, when registering a personal profile on the online portal, the applicant can also provide non-mandatory data that they voluntarily submit to the LP manager.

If the applicant also gives consent for profiling, based on the presentation of the loyalty card at the time of each purchase, the Terme Olimia Group also processes the data on the purchased products, services provided, the payment and the use of benefits, as well as the time and place of the purchase, payment methods, credits, collected points and other benefits obtained. If the individual does not give appropriate consent for this type of processing, the Terme Olimia Group, as the LP manager, also processes this data anonymously for the purpose of analyzing and researching the shopping habits with the intent of optimizing the offer and increasing the customer satisfaction.

If the personal data submitted by the member in his application form changes at a later stage, the LP member shall notify the operator within 30 days of the change, namely:

1. with an application obtained on the website www.terme-olimia.com and at the reception desks of hotels and swimming pools,

2. by letter to the address Terme Olimia, dd, Zdraviliška cesta 24, 3254 Podčetrtek,

3. by registering the change in the Wellcard web portal or in the Wellcard Olimia mobile application.

The member can revoke the consent at any time, without it affecting the legality of the data processing, which was carried out on the basis of the consent until its revocation.

The provision of personal data is based on obtaining the individual's consent. The individual provides their personal data on the basis of consent. Upon cancellation, personal data ceases to be used.

The Terme Olimia group handles personal data with particular care and prevents unauthorized persons from accessing it. The personal data is stored in the marketing department of Terme Olimia, d.d., and is accessible only to authorized persons. Terme Olimia, d.d., as the operator, has concluded contracts on the processing of personal data with operators to which personal data shall be forwarded in order to ensure the purpose of the Wellcard club (e.g. to companies printing the cards and promotional material or to the software owners).

Terme Olimia, d.d. processes the personal data until the purpose of processing is fulfilled, until the member's consent is revoked, or within the scope of the statute of limitations for obligations that could arise from the processing of this personal data. If the retention period of personal data is determined by law, Terme Olimia, d.d., stores this personal data in accordance with the legal provisions.

For any support in exercising the rights regarding personal data or in case of doubts about the correct personal data processing (access to personal data, corrections, deletion or restriction of personal data, existence of the right to object to the processing and the right to data portability) by the Group Terme Olimia the authorized person for the protection of personal data in the Terme Olimia Group is ready to assist at any time, and available at the email address: dpo@terme-olimia.com.

Members can also submit a complaint to the supervisory authority - the Information Commissioner (by using one of the following contacts - address: Dunajska 22, 1000 Ljubljana, e-mail address: gp.ip@ip-rs.si or at the website: www.ip-rs.si).

More information about the processing of personal data is available in the legal notice of the website www.terme-olimia.com.


12. Final Provisions

These general terms and conditions of LP Wellcard Olimia shall enter into force on February 16, 2024, and shall apply to all existing and new members from this date onwards.

These general terms and conditions, as well as all their possible changes and additions to the rules, are published on the website www.terme-olimia.com and are available in print at the reception desks of hotels and swimming pools.

The Terme Olimia Group reserves the right to amend and supplement these general conditions at any time and without prior warning. Members shall be notified of all changes to these general terms and conditions on the website www.terme-olimia.com and shall thus be considered to be aware of all changes to the general terms and conditions. The change to the general terms and conditions shall enter into force on the day of the publication on the web page, but it shall begin to be used 10 days after its publication. Should members not resign from the membership within these 10 days from the publication, they are deemed to agree with the changes.


In Podčetrtek, 16 February 2024