Traditional cuisine presented in a modern way

If you are looking for special experiences that will pull you from the sleepy pace of everyday life, head to Terme Tuhelj and begin a gastronomic exploration of the Croatian Zagorje!


The à la carte restaurant of Mihanović Manor is a gourmet paradise that must not be overlooked. Here, tradition blends with modern culinary techniques in a magical way. Their plates include indigenous Zagorje dishes, interpreted in today's spirit, which will definitely fascinate you.


Just the atmosphere of the manor conjures up the feeling of old, medieval times from the past. The intimate ambience of the restaurant and the mystique of the court's past are two factors that make Mihanović Manor a popular choice for romantic dinners, weddings, special celebrations, and tastings or business meetings. The restaurant has other benefits - the beautiful natural scenery that surrounds it and the winery with the best Croatian wines!


Inspired by the region of Zagorje and the spirit of the past, the menu is based on a rich selection of traditional and national dishes, divided into three categories.


Zagorje dishes are traditional dishes that have been passed on for generations, prepared according to the tradition of the Zagorje cuisine. Zagorje dense soup with potatoes, bacon and mushrooms, home-made dumplings in broth or baked in mead, mlinci, corn žganci, etc. All of these are dishes from the kitchens of our grandmothers, whose old-fashioned dishes are irresistibly charming and remind us of old, simpler times.


Court dishes are a speciality of the Mihanović Manor. They are prepared according to recipes from the old days of Count Brigljević, the owner of the castle and the husband of Antun Mihanović`s sister, with only a touch of contemporary culinary art that enhances these noble medieval dishes. Reminiscent of the time when people ate from clay dishes and drank from wooden glasses, while listening to the court music and enjoyed in the animation of court servants, dishes such as “tuheljski pinklec”, count steak and knight's saber are a gastronomic play that delights with presentation as well as with flavours.  


Grilled salmon, vegetarian plates, cooked crispy vegetables or grilled vegetables are just a part of the vital food offering - the third category that combines healthy, delicious and light in the most beautiful way.


The romantic atmosphere of the manor and the modern presentation of tradition are the key features of Mihanović Manor, a restaurant that will take you through the authentic flavours of Zagorje!


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