See answers to frequently asked questions about procedures during the Covid-19 epidemic.

What epidemiological and protection measures have been taken at the resort?

At Terme Tuhelj we take care of our guests and employees, therefore in accordance with the current epidemiological situation, we implement the prescribed epidemiological measures and recommendations for swimming pools and water parks, as well as bars, restaurants and accommodation facilities. We have developed them by segments to make it easier for our guests to get the information they need. We pay special attention to informing our guests, so we made sure that all information is easily visible and accessible to the guests. If you have any questions or concerns, we are gladly at your disposal to make your stay at Terme Tuhelj comfortable and safe.

What protection measures apply to swimming pools?

The number of visitors at the pools is limited and is in line with the recommendations of the Croatian Institute of Public Health (HZJZ). At the swimming pools, as in all other facilities, recommendations have been adopted on respecting the safety distance between certain groups of visitors, which we provide by arranging deckchairs spaced at the prescribed distance. At the same time, we coordinated the preparation process of the pool water in accordance with the recommendations.

When entering the facility and before and after using the sanitary facilities and wardrobe, hand disinfection is mandatory. Disinfectants are available in prominent places. Before entering the bathing area, it is mandatory to take a shower and pass through the hyperchlorinated foot washing barrier. All visitors are required to maintain a safety distance of 1.5 m in and out of the water.

Intensified disinfection and cleaning of sanitary facilities is carried out every two hours (and more often if necessary). Deckchairs and bath bracelets are disinfected several times a day, and always after a certain guest stops using them.

Is there a limited number of persons in the pools?

Our employees carefully monitor the number of visitors. In case the maximum number of persons in certain pool has been reached, please be patient and wait for other visitors to leave the pool, after which you will be able to enjoy swimming and bathing without worries.

What protection measures apply in saunas / wellness center?

We take all necessary measures to enable the implementation of wellness services. However, not all treatments may be available temporarily. You can find out more details about it at the reception of the Sauna World or  wellness center SPAeVITA.


According to current epidemiological measures, dry, Finnish saunas are freely used while wet, steam saunas are not yet operational. In all areas of the Sauna World, it is mandatory to maintain a safety distance of 1.5 m between guests. The number of people indoors is limited in accordance with the available space, so in front of each sauna we pointed out the maximum number of visitors that can stay in a particular sauna at the same time. Deckchairs in rest rooms must be spaced to ensure the recommended distance (unless  members of the same family or group) and are disinfected several times a day, and necessarily after the guest stops using it.


All surfaces in waiting room and toilets are frequently cleaned and disinfected. In all areas of the wellness center, it is mandatory to maintain a safety distance of 1.5 m between guests. Before entering the wellness center for massage and cosmetic treatments, hand disinfection is mandatory. Disinfectants are available at the entrance. When performing the treatment, our employees are equipped with face masks (and gloves when performing cosmetic treatments). After each client, a thorough disinfection of the workplace and accessories is carried out. All treatment rooms without daylight or windows are heavily ventilated with fresh air and ventilation. The guest is also required to use a protective face mask during the treatment. If you forgot to bring the mask, we will provide it for you. According to the current recommendations, we keep records of the time of each client's stay in the wellness center (time of entry, contact information, and time of leaving) for a list of contacts in case of infection symptoms in clients.

What protection measures apply in bars / restaurants?

  • In our bars and restaurants, we adhere to the prescribed guidelines and have taken additional measures to ensure maximum hygiene and safety.
  • Hand disinfection is mandatory upon entry as well as maintaining a physical distance of 1.5 m between individual groups of visitors. Staying at the bar is not allowed. Food or drinks can be ordered and picked up at the bar but without retention.
  • Wait at the entrance of the restaurant at the distance from other guests until our service team receives you and introduces you to further procedures. Hand disinfection is mandatory at the entrance. During the stay in the restaurant, it is necessary to maintain a safety distance of 1.5 m between individual groups of guests when moving around the restaurant, waiting in line and sitting at tables. The tables are kept empty until the guests arrive. Guests first sit at the desired table where utensils are served and then guests at the buffet table choose a dish served by our employees. After the departure of each group of guests, the table, chairs and other surfaces that guests have touched are disinfected and the tablecloths are changed.
  • In order to effectively ensure the minimum distance, we have adjusted the buffets in accordance with the protective measures: all food is served exclusively by our employees, also front cooking and on-site cooking is performed only by our employees; we adjusted the time and duration of the meal, we also prepared packaged / sealed individual portions at the buffet; self-service for our guests is currently not allowed so follow the procedures and instructions on the spot.

What measures do I have to follow when arriving at the hotel?

We take the legal measures of the government and the recommendations of the Croatian Institute of Public Health very seriously, and we determine and adjust the necessary procedures for each accommodation facility separately. Our team will notify you of all regulations and we will be happy to assist you if you have any questions. We have implemented comprehensive guidelines for the highest hygiene standards in all areas of the hotel. Our employees go through training and instructions to maintain these high standards and the responsible manager checks compliance with all guidelines on a daily basis. According to current regulations, there are no restrictions on receiving the guests in hotels and hotel guests are not required to wear face masks in Croatia. If you want to wear a face mask and forgot to bring your own face mask, disposable face and nose masks are available at reception for a fee.

At the hotel, a hand desinfection is required . Guests have to maintain a safety distance of 1.5 m from other guests unless they are members of the same family or group. In the reception area, increased hygiene, disinfection and ventilation of the check-in and check-out area is carried out, as well as increased cleaning and disinfection of public toilets every two hours (and more often if necessary).

When using the elevator, please take care of the maximum number of guests and respect the safety distance of 1.5 m in front of and inside the elevator (unless the guests are part of a family or share a common accommodation unit).

Procedures and frequency of cleaning of accommodation units and change of bed linen and towels are carried out in accordance with existing standards and can be adapted to the needs of guests. All surfaces that come into contact with the guest (bedside table, chair, coffee table, any furniture, amenities, telephone, remote control, etc.) are thoroughly disinfected and special attention is paid to cleaning all bathroom surfaces when guests leave. Used bedding (bedding and towels in the bathroom) is kept in a closed container separate from the cart with clean bedding so that it does not come into contact.

Can children's playgrounds and playrooms freely be used?

The use of children's playgrounds and playrooms is allowed. When entering the children's playroom, you are obliged to disinfect your hands and provide the necessary information for the user records, which we are obliged to keep in accordance with the prescribed measures. The information includes the name, surname and contact telephone number of the parent or guardian. Our animators carry out thorough personal hygiene and disinfection of the playroom and equipment. One animator takes care of one group of the children and the number of children is adjusted to the size of the space so that we can provide a distance of 1.5 m.


Our reception team is available for any information, advice and recommendation by phone or email. Despite the current situation, the well-being of our guests has an absolute advantage and we will do our best to make you feel relaxed and safe with us.

In order to reduce the number of guests staying in the reception area, we recommend that you announce your check-out of the hotel in advance. The reception staff is available for check-out and bill payments from 08:00 a.m.

Can I pay in cash?

Payment in cash is possible, but payment by card is preferred.

What if travel restrictions change during your stay?

The hotel cannot be responsible or guarantee in this regard. Please check the terms and conditions of your travel insurance regarding cancellations, short-term booking options and travel health insurance.

Do different cancellation conditions apply due to coronavirus (COVID-19)?

To make it easier for you to plan your trip and to be able to book your holiday without risk in these uncertain times, we have adopted new rules for canceling reservations and leaving a guarantee. For stays in June, no guarantee or payment is required to book accommodation. For cancellations or changes up to 1 day before the scheduled arrival date, we do not charge cancellation fees.

In case of no-show, 1 day of stay will be charged.

For stays after 3rd July 2020, a credit card guarantee or a 30% of advance payment is required, depending on the booked offer. In case of cancellation or change 7 -0 days before arrival or non-arrival, you can use the paid amount for stay until the end of 2020.

How can I change or cancel my reservation made through Booking.com, Hotelbeds or some other agency?

To change or cancel such reservation, you must first contact the agency and check the their cancellation policy (Booking.com, Hotelbeds or another).

What should I do and who should I contact in case of suspicion of infection?

If the symptoms of coronavirus infection are suspected, we follow the defined procedure, which is displayed at the reception in a visible place. The responsible hotel staff is aware of the procedures in case of suspicion of infection and ensures that each potentially infected guest receives emergency medical care and is isolated from other guests and hotel staff. If necessary, please contact our staff immediately, who will refer you to further action.

Are all facilities at the resort fully available?

Until further notice, the following are not open:

  • Hostel Vila
  • old pools at the spring of thermal water.

Notice of their opening will be published on our website and other channels.

What measures are currently valid when entering the Republic of Croatia and  border crossings?

There is currently no obligation of self-isolation for foreign citizens from other EU countries upon entering the Republic of Croatia. When entering the Republic of Croatia, guests must have a document that confirms the reservation of accommodation in Croatia, which contains the place / address of the accommodation facility where the guest will stay, contact phone number and length of stay or the date when the guest plan to return. As the measures change daily, please check the valid measures and rules on the official website of the Government before departure.

What is the current epidemiological situation in Croatia?

You can find the answers to these questions on the official Koronavirus.hr website