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How to combine art and wellness on vacation?

The Art&Spa story - art pervades all facilities, services and amenities of Terme Tuhelj. From artwork to architecture that fits in perfectly with the natural landscape, nature itself, chromotherapy details, special wellness treatments, to various events and Art&Spa workshops for children.

Have you met the Tuhi mascot yet?

Tuhi, a small green alien, is the main resident of the Water Planet. He arrived from a distant space in his little spaceship and decided to stay. Today, he entertains children of all ages, creates dance choreographies, workshops and games that keep children entertained on a daily basis as part of the Tuhi aqua fun program at the Water Planet pools.

Swimming in two countries

When you look at the contents of your package, do you notice anything unusual? Something you might not have expected? One sentence definitely caught your eye. Swimming in Terme Olimia. Yes, you read that right. Accommodation at the Well Hotel**** includes swimming in Termalija Relax at Terme Olimia for free. You will receive a voucher at the hotel reception.