How to combine art and wellness on vacation?

Art is more than painting pictures and reciting poetry. It is every form of creativity and creative expression. The essence is in the freedom to be creative, whether you are creating something, expressing yourself, or being open to the emotions and thoughts that art awakens in you. Creativity reduces anxiety and stress we face on a daily basis. And this is exactly the ideal extension of wellness programs at Terme Tuhelj.


The Art&Spa concept is the cornerstone of the whole complex - art at every step of the way and at your fingertips! Always and with one purpose in mind, provide guests with integrated stimuli so that they are happier and more relaxed at all times, even after leaving our spa. We take you for a walk through the art story of Terme Tuhelj.


Art oasis in the heart of Zagorje


Famous artists have created the Art&Spa story with their works. Mirjana Smolić (Doctor of Art) is the author of numerous art paintings in the complex and the leader of numerous Art&Spa workshops for children. The Mila Lounge features pictures of the Croatian landscape, the Element bar has the Chilean Story, paintings inspired by culture and tradition of Chile, and the Vila Hostel features photographs by photographer Nino Verdnik. Famous photographer Damir Hoyka is the author of many photography workshops that took place there.


The most impressive works of art bear the signature of Croatian art giant Ed Murtić.  The most magnificent of all is the 42m-long restored Murtić mural, made of 324 enamel plates, taken from Končar's white ovens from the 80s, erected in the Water Planet's indoor pool complex.


Dance of art and architecture

The Mihanović Baroque Manor is full of impressive images of the local landscape. Walking through the courtyard park you will come across the bust of Antun Mihanović, after which the manor was named. If you descend towards the Well Hotel, you will see the Corner Stone in the park above the SpaArena, a white stone sculpture erected during the opening of the construction of the new hotel that was built by Danilo Turk, then Slovenian President, and Ivo Josipović, then Croatian President. 


The cascading shape of the SpaArena Amphitheatre fits perfectly into the award-winning architectural concept of the magnificent Well Hotel. The hotel with its openness to the picturesque scenery and modern interiors and warm colours evokes positive emotions in guests at their every turn and in every way. The Water Planet pools, with their special artificial landscape setting, are another trump card for the artistic fusion of architecture and natural beauties of the Zagorje landscape.


Nature as part of the art


The hotel's facilities include wellness gardens full of herbs. This is the perfect place for nature workshops and meditation. It is a soothing environment for all your senses to enjoy.




If you are staying in the Premium rooms of the Well Hotel, enjoy the Steps - chromotherapeutic paintings of Mirjana Smolić. Staying in rooms dominated by yellow, red, orange and purple affects the mood and psycho-physical recovery. Classic rooms are decorated with paintings with segments of Murtić's murals.


Wellness and art


You will experience a completely different wellness experience if you decide on one of the special SPAeVITA treatments with the artistic signature of wellness master Pedja Filipović. Signature treatments begin and end with a special ritual of the therapist and guest, as well as short breathing and relaxation exercises.


Experience art through various events


Concerts, workshops, exhibitions, celebrity gatherings, theatre plays, Art&Spa workshops for children, wine tastings, etc. The Terme Tuhelj's program always offers something for guests who are open to new experiences during breaks from wellness.


Allow the power of art, nature and wellness pleasures to help you renew and empower your natural self. The art embedded in every step you make at Terme Tuhelj will help you return to your daily routine calmer and more decisive than before - physically, emotionally, privately and business-wise.


We invite you to look at our current offer of accommodation packages at Terme Olimia.



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Have you met the Tuhi mascot yet?

Tuhi, a small green alien, is the main resident of the Water Planet. He arrived from a distant space in his little spaceship and decided to stay. Today, he entertains children of all ages, creates dance choreographies, workshops and games that keep children entertained on a daily basis as part of the Tuhi aqua fun program at the Water Planet pools.

Swimming in two countries

When you look at the contents of your package, do you notice anything unusual? Something you might not have expected? One sentence definitely caught your eye. Swimming in Terme Olimia. Yes, you read that right. Accommodation at the Well Hotel**** includes swimming in Termalija Relax at Terme Olimia for free. You will receive a voucher at the hotel reception.

Top 5 attractions of the Water Planet

The largest swimming pool complex in Croatia invites its guests with more and more water attractions every year. Pools, slides, water cities, sprinklers and a cocktail bar in the water are some of the attractions that provide fun and excitement for all generations