Why is team building important?

Although it seems that most of the time we live in a world ruled by money, it is not all about the money. The truth is that the amount of earnings is a key element in shaping our relationship with the company and factory where we work.  Satisfaction with financial conditions is high on the list of priorities, but it is by no means the only thing that matters.


Employees want to work in a company with shared values, a company with which they can identify. They want to work in a company where they feel valued, where their work is recognized, and colleagues are a source of support and understanding. In a productive and organized work environment, dominated by collegiality and a positive atmosphere, employees will be motivated to contribute to the development of the company, as well as to their personal and professional growth.


We give you 10 reasons you should not overlook to invest in your team, in a good team building that will evoke a true team spirit with fun.


  1. Strengthening employee confidence
  2. Improving communication and promoting teamwork
  3. Increased productivity and efficiency
  4. Adopting new perspectives, sharing knowledge and skills
  5. Encouraging creativity in solving problems
  6. Better knowledge of team members
  7. Understanding the importance and impact of each employee
  8. Creating positive atmosphere within the company
  9. Increased employee satisfaction and motivation
  10. Increased employee loyalty


Team building is a great way to show employees that you care. An ideal opportunity to reward and respect them on professional and personal levels. You will not only strengthen the relationship between the employer and the employee, but also the relationships between employees themselves.


Companies are built by investing in people, and team building is one of the tools. Treat your employees with unforgettable entertainment with unique activities. Encourage their creativity and competitive spirit, in order to get a group of smiling people at the end of team building - a group of people who are connected by some stronger, more human bonds.


With its rich range of services and activities, Terme Tuhelj has raised the team building offer to such a level that it can offer just the right set of activities in any situation. Business partners can choose from a variety of programs in six categories (adrenaline, fun-sports, entertainment, sports, education, wellness and selfness programs), or we can develop special programs based on individual desires and needs.


When a group of people with similar interests come together to achieve the same goal, amazing things are accomplished. The power of teamwork is invaluable, and the focus is on the "team." 


We invite you to look at our current offer of accommodation packages at Terme Olimia.



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What is Selfness Congress?

This is a free program that adapts to the congress schedule, with specially designed short rituals, wellness experiences and vital food emphasizing health, vitality, well-being and positive habits in private and business life.