What is Selfness Congress?

Whether you want to organize a congress for 500 people or small business training, Terme Tuhelj is an ideal location for business meetings with style. Our congress program is designed to bring your business meetings to perfection!


The proximity of the Zagreb airport, the soothing natural scenery surrounding the hotel with its attractive architecture, a modern furnishings of up to 10 different halls of the Hotel Well Congress Center and Mihanović Minor, technical support and organizational assistance, and top quality catering services - these are trump cards to help any congress or business guest to be one step closer to their desired business goals, but in a natural environment.


Let the inspiring and relaxing landscape of Croatian Zagorje have a positive impact on the success of your business meeting. Let us take care of the details of technical, logistical, organizational and gastronomic support.


If you agree that work should create opportunities for healthy habits and positive feelings, be open to our unique range of business events. Offer something completely new, different and innovative - a new concept for Congress: Selfness Congress. This is a free program that adapts to the congress schedule, with specially designed short rituals, wellness experiences and vital food emphasizing health, vitality, well-being and positive habits in private and business life.


Program includes:

  • House ritual (3-minute exercises for energy for a productive start to the work day)
  • Selfness snacks (tasty vital food that replaces puff pastry, donuts, and regular snacks that are calorie-heavy but nutritionally and energy poor)
  • Vital lunch (a unique offer of vital foods with the best calorie and nutritional value that nourishes the body, calms the mind and prepares for further work)
  • Wellness experiences (aromatic towels and aloe vera hand scrubs)
  • Physical breaks (simple and short physical workouts during breaks to exercise and increase concentration)
  • Goodbye touch (a true selfness congress experience as a small gift)

Selfness Congress is what will differentiate your Congress from others. It will create a WOW effect for Congress participants. Offer something completely new, different and innovative! 


We invite you to look at our current offer of accommodation packages at Terme Olimia.



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Why is team building important?

Treat your employees with unforgettable entertainment with unique activities. Encourage their creativity and competitive spirit, in order to get a group of smiling people at the end of team building - a group of people who are connected by some stronger, more human bonds.