Top 5 reasons why visit Terme Tuhelj in the winter

Winter is an excellent time to relax, rejuvenate and recover lost energy. A time when it is easier to slow down, calm down and give ourselves time to reconnect with our original being. After sunny, adventurous summer holidays, winter not only brings cooler weather, but also shorter days, less sunlight, more time indoors, and a potential to develop seasonal depression. There is no better way to avoid everyday routines and winter sadness than to focus on yourself at the Terme Tuhelj wellness oasis. Embrace winter with these five things that will keep you warm and rejuvenated.

Heated underground corridors

Good news for guests who would rather spend the winter months under warm and soft blankets: all the facilities and amenities of the Well Hotel are connected with heated underground corridors. This literally means that (even when winter temperatures are low) you can walk in your bathrobe from your room to the indoor pools of the Water Planet, the Sauna World or the SPAeVITA Centre, to see the wellness pleasures that await you there.

The largest sauna centre in Croatia

In the Sauna World, you can be sure that you have the most saunas and related facilities at your disposal. You can warm up in eight different saunas! Finnish sauna, extreme and program sauna, outdoor Finnish sauna, double steam sauna, mud and salt sauna and Laconium, two massage pools, cold pool, Kneipp path, ice cave, a hall with water beds, nudist terrace, wellness bar and other rooms for relaxation extend over approx. 1000m2.

Sauna programs

Under the expert guidance of the sauna masters, a symphony of different sauna programs takes place every hour at the Sauna World. Indulge in the aroma programs, whirlpool programs, body care programs, meditation programs and step out of the saunas completely relaxed and happy.

Wellness treatments

When was the last time you gave your skin a rest? Wellness weekend is without a doubt the best investment in your better and younger look. The SPAeVITA Centre's 11 beauty booths feature numerous body and facial treatments based on natural sources coming from thermal water and healing mud.  The treatments offered are varied - traditional, exotic or house rituals with a unique signature. There are various beauty treatments available that can be the highlight of your wellness day.

Hamam and a private spa

The SPAeVITA Centre also has two special booths where you can try wonderful, special treatments. Hamam is a Turkish ritual for relaxing your body and mind that you simply have to try. If you want a wellness retreat for two, there is a wellness suite available - your little private spa!

Forget about the practice of booking your holidays exclusively during the summer months. Winter has become an essential time to do something nice, regenerating and healthy for your body and mind. Winter wellness is always a good idea! 

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Sauna programs are something you should not miss

Saunas also exist in other cultures. They are especially established in Finland, in their national culture and tradition. They are an integral part of almost every household there. Sauna is deeply embedded in the lifestyle and culture of the Finns, it is their sacred place. A place of complete relaxation. The first saunas were built two thousand years ago out of the need to survive the harsh winter conditions typical of Scandinavian region. When the Finns moved around the world, they transferred their love of saunas to other nations. Sauna (translated bath) is the only Finnish word in English vocabulary! If you spend one day in the sauna at Terme Tuhelj, we believe that you will see its magical features yourself. At the Sauna World of the Well Hotel, different sauna programs are exchanged every hour, designed to experience saunas as a place where you can fully relax - your sanctuary, a place where you can always go when the rhythm of obligations and the noise of everyday life is too much. The Sauna World includes four Finnish and three steam saunas and a Laconium, a dry bath that gently warms the body and prepares it for the exposure to high temperatures in one of the saunas. If you enter this sauna paradise for a few hours, you will forget about the time, the outside world, worries and stress. Each sauna has its own story, which is created by the sauna masters (in charge of the sauna guest experience) with different aromas, heat, sounds, all for the purpose of maximum relaxation of the guests. We recommend you to choose a day at the Sauna World with programs that attract you the most and indulge in an unforgettable art sauna experience. Aromatic air whirling programs with the addition of honey, yoghurt, grapes, salt and various aromatic oils, adapted to the season, are carried out in the salt and steam sauna. For lovers of sweet things, there are sugar scrubs and irresistible chocolate programs - just chocolate, mint chocolate or coconut chocolate. Mud programs are especially popular because they include thermal healing mud that matures at the source of the Tuhel thermal water. Here are also Cleopatra's program, the Sweet Dreams program and many others. The Sauna World is always open to all, except in two cases. For women who want to turn the Sauna World into their private spa for friends, Ladies Day begins on Tuesdays at 6 pm - a day when sauna programs are reserved for women only. On Wednesdays, from 12 pm to 2 pm, and on Saturdays, from 10 am to 12 pm, saunas are reserved for family sauna-bathing. This is a time when parents with children can enjoy sauna programs that will introduce their love of saunas and healthy habits from an early age.

What is a welcome and goodbye touch?

Welcome and goodbye rituals at the SPAeVITA Centre were made under the watchful eye of wellness therapist Pedja Filipović. Rituals give a special artistic touch to massages, while relax guests even more and give them a special comfort and create trust. Rituals are a part of the Art&Spa concept.

What is the Art&Spa Festival?

The Art&Spa Festival is an urban wellness and arts festival that encourages guests to be creative and let their imagination free in a fun way. Through various programs, workshops, concerts and tastings, guests get to know various branches of art that they subtly enjoy. The Art&Spa Festival consists of the Art&Spa School for Children, Art&Fun at the Water Planet, and Art&Wine with concerts and wine tastings.