Spring Pools

Bathing at the Spring of Healing Thermal Water

You can bathe at the spot where the healing thermal water comes out into the open from a depth of several hundred metres. This is a unique experience in Croatia. Two joined pools form a natural bathing area with a temperature of 32 to 33 °C. They are particularly ideal for those who want to enjoy the unspoilt nature and feel the healing power of thermal water

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Catalogues and Price Lists

Catalogues and Price Lists (PDF, 666 Kb)


Thermal spring pools lie in green, peaceful surroundings. They are usually not crowded, so you can easily rid yourself of everyday stress and worries and focus on yourself and your body. If your skin is sensitive or if you suffer from rheumatic diseases and injuries to joints and bones, you will feel the beneficial effect of Tuhelj thermal water, which belongs to the group of sulphur waters.  

Culinary Pampering

After bathing you can visit the nearby baroque Mihanović Manor and its excellent restaurant. In the manor named after the author of Croatian anthem, you can enjoy selected dishes. The restaurant is ranked among hundred best Croatian restaurants. 

Price List

Spring Pools

Adults 35,00 HRK/ 5,00 EUR
Children 20,00 HRK/ 3,00 EUR
Last 2 hours - Adults 25,00 HRK/ 3,50 EUR
Last 2 hours - Children 25,00 HRK/ 3,50 EUR

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