Health Programmes

During your stay at Terme Tuhelj, you can participate in relevant physiotherapy exercises that will help you enhance a healthy lifestyle.

You will be advised on how to give up the unhealthy lifestyle that is often associated with a rapid and stressful everyday life, lack of exercise, and poor diet.

Tanita Scales

The natural process of ageing can be slowed down. It can be influenced by your lifestyle. Do you want to know the condition of your body and its real age? Check it with a simple measurement on our Tanita scales.

The Tanita scales is a professional segment analyser of your weight. Based on the principle of BIA technology (bioelectrical impedance analysis), it performs a painless, rapid, precise, and reliable analysis of the tissue composition.

After the analysis, you will talk to an expert and find out what to do in order to effectively redress any imbalance in the composition of your body’s tissues and thus ensure vitality and well-being even at an old age.

Highly Recommended