Feast for body and soul

Hamam is a Turkish or oriental bath.

The Hamam is not only a purification of the body, but a true feast for both body and soul. The Hamam area consists of Turkish sauna, room with a large heated stone table, and resting room to relax after the ritual.

What is a Hamam ritual?

Hamam ritual is a real pleasure and includes:

  1. Use of steam saunas;
  2. Different peelings and a peeling with a special glove;
  3. Wraps; and
  4. Plenty of foam and kneading of the body.

When entering you receive a PESTEMAL (scarf) for wrapping your body and the ritual begins in the steam sauna (temperature 45°C, 100% humidity). Steam sauna will open the pores of the skin on the entire body.

After you lay down on the GOEBBECK (heated stone table) you start with kneipping (alternate hot and cold showers on the body).

Every Hamam visit includes a body peeling with KESE (special glove). This removes the upper layer of dead skin cells and enhances circulation of the connective tissue.

The skin cleansing is followed by a massage or kneading of the body with soap foam. The massage’s effect is immediate: an amazingly clean and smooth skin and relaxed body...

And a glass of sparkling wine or tea and snacks make the relaxation complete.

Why choose Hamam?

A regular Hamam routine is not just about relaxation, but it improves your health and beauty.


The heat in the sauna stimulates circulation, which activates the purification of the body. In addition, the steam opens the pores and accelerates sweating, whereby the body begins to release toxins. The rubbing of the skin acts as lymphatic drainage, which also helps to quickly and efficiently expel the toxins. All these processes are extremely important for healthy kidneys and liver.

Strengthening the immune system

While suffering from a fever, our immune system becomes more efficient. The immune cells that are generated start to migrate into the bloodstream allowing our body to expel viruses and bacteria. A similar situation occurs when you visit a Hamam, where our body gets pleasantly overheated.

Look refreshment

Heat, steam, and sweating improve the blood circulation of the skin. Thus, the oxygen supply to the skin is more intensive and it gets all the nutrients it needs to stay healthy. Rubbing with a special glove has a soothing effect as well, as it removes dead skin cells, cleanses the skin, and removes blemishes and pimples. Thereby our skin becomes smooth and shiny

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