Face care

Facial treatments

Proper skin care helps to prevent the causes of aging and gives it a natural, healthy look. Facial treatments with Pevonia and Dr. Murad cosmetics will provide proper care, while our beauticians will advise you on purchasing the creams that are suitable for your skin so you will be able to take care of your skin properly at home as well.

Mini Aromatherapy facial treatment (for all skin types)

This massage will relax you and the essential oils will balance the internal energy, while the appearance of your face, neck, and décolletage skin will be refreshed with piling.

30 min – 200 HRK/ 27.50 EUR

Face Care for Dry Skin

For this treatment we use a special vitamin ampoule for dry skin, which is massaged into the skin with soft movements. After the facial treatment, a special cream is applied on the face, neck, and décolletage. 

60 min – 270 HRK/ 36.50 EUR

Face care for dry skin with facial cleansing

Facial cleansing includes softening of the skin with steam, which opens the pores on your face so the blackheads and acnes are easily removed. After the cleansing, the skin is disinfected with high frequency and additionally softened with a vitamin ampoule for dry skin. 

90 min – 350 HRK/ 47.50 EUR

Body care

Let us take care of your body

Stress and poor nutrition significantly affect the appearance of the skin, so proper care is very important. Get rid of cellulite, remove dead skin cells, and make your skin more elastic and shiny.

Body glow 

The treatment starts with a body peeling, followed by the application of mineral mud and thermal water, and ends with the application of nourishing cream. It is intended for those who want a more elastic skin.

70 min – 270 HRK/ 36.00 EUR

Body beauty

We remove the dead skin cells and accelerate your blood circulation with circular movements. Then a mask with honey is applied for the nourishment of the skin, making it soft and velvety. The treatment concludes with a relaxing massage. 

70 min – 250 HRK/ 34 EUR

Spa Zagorje

This grape based treatment tones and rejuvenates the body (piling and massage with a grape facial mask).

60 min – 270 HRK/ 36.50 EUR

Anti-cellulite treatment for legs and abdomen

A piling technique and wrapping of the entire body using anti-cellulite products that eliminate cellulite and at the same time relax the body and remove stress.

60 min – 200 HRK/ 27.50 EUR

Baths and wraps

Revitalise your body

Have you been wondering how to refresh your body and give it a soft and fresh look? Get rid of cellulite, remove dead skin cells, and feel like Cleopatra in our special baths, which will make your body soft and give it a healthy look.

Cleopatra bath

The treatment begins with a full body exfoliation and continues with a bath in fresh milk and oil that keeps the skin beautiful. After the bath the skin is extremely soft and revitalised.

50 min – 170 HRK/ 23 EUR

Thermal mud wrap E'vita

Mineral mud mixed with thermal water has a strong therapeutic effect on the skin, body, and bones and has a natural cleansing power. Mud wraps achieve outstanding results in body cleansing and weight loss, as well as in slowing down the aging process.

50 min – 180 HRK/ 24.50 EUR

Chocolate wrap

The effect of chocolate on your skin is fantastic. It nourishes the skin, while restoring and improving its flexibility (tone). It slows down the aging process and makes the skin magically soft and silky.

50 min – 180 HRK/ 24.50 EUR

Fango or warm mud wrap

The mud relaxes the muscles and relieves chronic pain on the back, shoulders, and joints. Tuhelj mud, which accumulates at the spring of thermal water, is considered one of the four best muds in Europe.

20 min – 80 HRK/ 11 EUR