Code of Conduct in the Sauna

What is a sauna?

  • A sauna is a heated place intended for purifying and relaxing your body and mind.
  • The sauna process ends with a relaxing shower and rest.
  • There are two different types of sauna: Finnish (dry) and Turkish (steam).

When should the sauna not be used?

  • In the case of diseases that cause weight loss (TB, Graves’ disease, cancer, etc.).
  • In the case of acute diseases (infectious diseases, highly increased sedimentation, fever, etc.) and seizure-related diseases (epilepsy, cramps).
  • In the case of cardiovascular diseases.
  • In the case of extremely poor blood circulation and high blood pressure.
  • You cannot use the sauna after alcohol consumption.

Code of Conduct in the Sauna

  • Peace is an essential for a pleasant time in the sauna. Singing, laughter, and loud conversation are not allowed.
  • Observe the written and unwritten rules for the use of saunas.
  • If you use the sauna for the first time, ask the reception desk for the code of conduct and other rules.
  • When you walk across Svet savn, it is recommended to wear slippers. Take them off before entering the sauna and leave them in front of it.
  • Enter the sauna quickly and thus prevent the cold air from entering. Find a place and make yourself comfortable.
  • All saunas, with the exception of the Turkish sauna, require you to sit on a towel (the towel must be below all body parts). Due to hygiene reasons, try to avoid direct contact between the body and wood.
  • You can only stretch your legs or lie down on a towel if there is enough room. Otherwise, move to a higher or lower bench.
  • Do not pour water over the stove on your own. This is sauna master’s task.
  • When you exit the sauna, first take a shower. You also have to shower before relaxing in a hot tub or cold pool.
  • Do not forget to rest during the intensive use of saunas.
  • Do not speak loudly in the resting areas. You are not allowed to reserve deckchairs.
  • You are not allowed to wear swimwear in Svet savn.
  • When resting on the deckchairs or being outside the sauna, wrap yourself in a towel or wear a bathrobe.