A Day in Sauna World

Do you want to relax?

Relax your senses in the largest sauna complex in Croatia. Get to know the secrets of saunas, catch some rays on a private terrace, relax on a waterbed, or try our unique sauna programmes – air whirls, honey, salt, chocolate or thermal mud peeling, etc.

Then have a swim in our cold pool and refresh yourself with natural juices from the wellness bar.

After the sauna, relax in the hands of our top masseurs and let your mind wander to your favourite places. The SPAeVITA center nege in lepote is perfect for you. Our excellent massages as well as skin, face, and hair treatments are carried out in 11 rooms.

Listen to the advice of our experts who have prepared for you the best sauna processes in Svet savn.  

 A Day of Relaxing in Svet savn


Deep physical and mental relaxation with slow warming of the body before the use of other saunas.

15 minutes



Dual steam sauna

Steam moisturises and purifies the airway, opens skin pores, and relaxes muscles.

15–20 minutes

Showering and resting

Body relaxation in one of the resting areas.

20–30 minutes

Bio sauna

Pleasantly warm and moderately humid sauna has a relaxing and beneficial effect on the body.

15 minutes

Showering and resting

Body relaxation in one of the resting areas or wellness bar (you are recommended to drink a lot of juice, tea, etc. while resting).

30 minutes

Extreme Finnish sauna

High temperature increases sweating that helps to eliminate useless substances from the body.

8–12 minutes

Showering with tepid water


Ice cave or ice pool


5–10 minutes

Showering and resting

Have some water or juice in the wellness bar and relax in one of the resting areas.

30 minutes

Programmed sauna

Air whirl programme – intensive air circulation helps the temperature to distribute evenly throughout the entire sauna and enhance its effects on the human body

12 minutes

Showering with tepid water


Ice pool


5–10 minutes

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