Mihanović Manor

Medieval Culinary Experience

Taste the delicious specialities of Zagorje cuisine and luxurious dishes accompanied by fine wines in the Mihanović Manor restaurant which ranks among the 100 best Croatian restaurants

The manor, named after the author of the Croatian national anthem, Antun Mihanović, is an ideal location for different celebrations. Its formal lounges are perfect for celebrating important moments of your life. You will never forget the atmosphere in the heart of nature, only a half-hour drive from Zagreb.

The à la carte restaurant serves traditional and national dishes. In the past, the catering team of Terme Tuhelj prepared gala lunches for several presidents and other government officials.

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About the Manor

The baroque Mihanović Manor was built in the 18th century by the Erdődy counts. It was later owned by ban Josip Brgljević, brother-in-law of the poet Antun Mihanović. As the author of the Croatian national anthem, “Lijepa naša domovino” (“Our Beautiful Homeland”), often stayed there, the manor was named after him. 

The manor is surrounded by a park which is home to a centuries-old plane tree and many animals. In 1983, the renovated building became a Croatian cultural monument, known for organising numerous national and other ceremonies.

Enjoy the Spirit of the Author of the Croatian National Anthem

When Antun Mihanović, a prominent Croatian lawyer who gave his name to our manor, published a poem entitled Horvatska domovina (Croatian Homeland) in the 10th issue of the Danica Literary Magazine on 14 March 1835, he was probably not aware that his words describing anticipations and the role of Croatia would make history as a national anthem.

The poem first became the Croatian national anthem in the late 19th century. Four stanzas of the 14-stanza poem are today the official anthem of independent Croatia. The author and the poem, published in the magazine that marked the Croatian literary revival, thus won immortal glory.

The energy of the words that inseparably connect the Croatian nation and provoke overwhelming emotions can be felt in the cultural centre of Terme Tuhelj, Mihanović Manor, where the great Croatian poem and lawyer used to live. The spirit of the author of the Croatian national anthem is here blended into a unique combination of culture, history, heritage, nature, and modernity. 

Medieval Dinner

The Mihanović Manor offers you selected traditional dishes of Zagorje cuisine and fine local wines. Its luxurious lounges are perfect for special occasions celebrated in the company of your loved ones.

The medieval dinner will make you feel like a king, as you will be greeted by a courtier who will lead you into the world of a special medieval atmosphere and experience. In the shadow of the centuries-old trees or in the lounge of the manor, you will enjoy modern specialities, accompanied by medieval music, in a modern, original, and autochthonous way.

Hosted by waiters in medieval clothes, you will enjoy various attractions on your plate, especially the sword from which you can take various elaborate dishes, including marinated pieces of meat served in front of the guests.

Back to the future or forward to the best, the spirit of our traditional court cuisine is authentic and consists of a variety of three or more course menus. 

Special Offers

Culinary Events

The renowned award-winning chefs of the Mihanović Manor will make you traditional Zagorje dishes, while the waiters will serve you fine local wines. The manor offers you special tasting menus, such as the court and medieval dinner, and various house specialities.

Events in the Manor

The luxurious restaurant organises thematic and romantic dinners, business lunches, and knight birthday parties for children with special animation and adjusted menus. Every Saturday you can relax to the sound of live music and enjoy a romantic dinner by candlelight. The manor also hosts Mihanović’s Days every year.

Weddings in the Mihanović Manor

Exchange your wedding vows under the centuries-old trees of the Mihanović Manor park and celebrate the wedding in the baroque lounges of our restaurant. We will make sure that the newlyweds and their guests will never forget this day

Winery with Fine Wines

The manor also has its own winery where you can taste selected award-winning Zagorje wines.

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