Element Bar

Pizza, Mexican Food, Family Menus

You can visit the Element Bar to spend a nice afternoon or to relax during your water activities. Mexican food lovers can taste our high-quality Mexican dishes, prepared from fresh ingredients, while pizza lovers can try our excellent pizzas.

The a la carte restaurant of the Element Bar offers a vast variety of pizzas and Mexican dishes. It is also a great place to throw a birthday party or celebrate various anniversaries and gatherings.

Information and Booking

+385 49 203 000

Opening Hours

Mon–Thu, Sun: 07:00–23:00

Pet, Sat: 07:00–02:00



Dishes à la carte

Gourmands can enjoy a wide selection of Mexican dishes, fast food, and special family menus that will satisfy especially the youngest.

The Element Bar serves beef tacos and fajitas, grilled rump steaks, chicken fillets, wood-fired pizzas, pizza sandwiches, homemade salt pastry, pancakes, strudels, and ice cream.

The Best Pizzas

If you want to try the best pizzas, tacos, and fajitas, visit the Element Bar, as the motto of our chef is:

“There is no good food without fresh ingredients, love for cooking, and satisfied guests.”