Healthy Culinary Delights for all Tastes

The excellent hotel Lati Restaurant is focused on local specialities and selected international cuisines, while the Mihanović Manor is one of the best restaurants in Croatia. Delicious meals are also offered by other restaurants and bars in the complex. 

There is no coincidence that our high-quality innovative cuisine impressed the Norwegian royal couple. Since our guests are very different and every one of them wants to experience Terme Tuhelj in their own way, adapted to their habits, activities and pace, we are well aware that cuisine is the element of our offer that connects vacation, relaxation, health, and activity. That way our guests can always use 5 different culinary facilities. 

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Food for Vitality

Food for a Healthy Life

Food is not only an indicator of life quality, but one of the key elements of both pleasure and health. Modern approaches of our superb team ensure that fresh and traceable local and regional ingredients blend into culinary delights, through our dishes that satisfy all tastes and correspond to all opportunities. 

Food for a Healthy Life

Zagorje Cuisine

Delicious Zagorje Goodies

The Zagorje cuisine is an unforgettable experience for your soul, eyes, and taste. It is known for its cow cottage cheese coated with sour cream, homemade ham dried according to a recipe that has been passed down from generation to generation, turkey with mlinci, Zagorski štrukli, and other not-to-be-missed traditional dishes.

Mihanović Manor

Mihanović Manor

Taste the delicious specialities of Zagorje cuisine and luxurious dishes accompanied by fine wines in the Mihanović Manor restaurant, which ranks among the 100 best Croatian restaurants.

The manor named after the author of the Croatian national anthem, Antun Mihanović, is an ideal location for different celebrations.

Mihanović Manor

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