Staying at the Premium room

Staying at the Premium room offers an unique experience 

Experience that will let you discover the power of colours, which will give you special energy and stimulate your creativity and imagination.

  • The Premium rooms are part of the modern architecture, designed by young architects, for which they were awarded with the Viktor Kovačić prize for the best architectural solution.
  • Each room has a balcony, on which you can enjoy the view on the nature of the Croatian Zagorje.
  • Each building has a different colour ... blue, green and violet reveal the magic of colours and radiate special energy. Violet is the colour of second sight, prediction, harmony between the sky and the earth, passion and reason. Green symbolizes sensibility and compassion, while the colour blue represents peace, silence, loyalty, truth and seriousness.
  • In the rooms you can enjoy paintings in red, yellow and orange colours, which will awake a special energy in you. The colour yellow represents the power of ideas and the awakening of mental abilities and clearness of feelings. Red is a hot colour with strong energy. It is the colour of fire and blood, life, strong passion, willpower and strong feelings, whereas orange is the symbol of balance and the colour of feelings.
    • The triptych „Footsteps“ is a work of the first Doctor of Arts in Croatia, Mirjana, D.H. Smolić, and is part of the Art&Spa story.
    • The Premium part has family rooms, in which mum and dad can enjoy their stay, without having their kids jumping on their bed, but nevertheless have them within their reach.
    • The apartments are so big, that you do not have to wait in the line for the shower, because you have a shower as well as a bathtub with a glass wall at your disposal.
    • After showering in the Premium bathroom, you can step directly on the balcony.
    • The Premium suites have a special partition in the living room, which provides you complete privacy, as if you would be in another room.
    • Its size provides comfort for the guests, because they do not have to worry about where to put their belongings.
    • The Premium suite also offers enough room to store your suitcase, so that it will not be in your way.

    Special offers for staying in a Premium room