Slow your thoughts, awaken your senses

Slow your thougts, awaken your senses

How much are we aware of the power of the nature's elements that surround us? Water, earth, fire and air have a strong influence on our body, each in its own special and unique way. Encourage positive changes in your life and do something for yourself.

We have prepared special programmes in which you will learn about the beneficial effects of the natural elements around us. Enter the world of special senses.


Water frees emotion

Swimming, diving or exercising in the water will free you from accumulated stress, nervousness, anger, intolerance. In addition to emotional cleansing, water activity has a positive effect on the heart, blood vessels and physical appearance, while recreational and professional swimmers are always in a good mood, they do not have back pain and remain vital for a long time. The pools of the Water Planet are filled with thermal water

Fire releases fears

Do you want to get rid of blockages, energize your body, revitalize it? The element of fire can help you with that. The pleasant warmth of the sauna will remind you of the sun, the sea and the summer. In addition to heating the body, a visit to the sauna also improves the elimination of harmful substances from the body and gives excellent results in fighting against cellulite and excess kilograms.

The earth cleanses everything

Therapists say that the earth takes away all your worries and problems and can easily transform them into fruits. A massage with thermal mud accelerates the metabolism, removes waste materials from the tissue and deeply cleanses the skin. Fango wraps give excellent results in the treatment of rheumatism, degenerative changes in the spine and arthritic lesions, while the beauty facial care slows down aging and gives the skin a natural look. 

The air strengthens the mind

To get rid of negative thoughts and everything that burdens you, you need air. Therapists say that the air flow is best felt through the wind. This will clear your mind and raise awareness to a higher level. Walk around the area, breathe in fresh air, exercise in nature and enjoy the power of the wind. You can also feel the wind in the Sauna World in a special aroma programme.