Adventure Park

Adrenaline Entertainment that Gets Your Blood Pumping

The adventure park offers entertainment and a special challenge. Test the limits of your endurance on low and high elements using special equipment that will help you overcome the obstacles. 

Active socialising in the fresh air is needed more and more in today’s lifestyle.

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Why the Adventure Park?

The adventure park is a place where groups of 5–15 persons gather in nature and overcome different obstacles by means of mutual trust. Each individual assesses the difficulty of the task and often surpasses the limits of his or her own abilities with plenty of fun, laughter, and excitement.

Although the concept of the park is not competitive there is always enough competitive spirit, as each individual tries to overcome his or her fears. The prize comes in the form of satisfaction after completing the task.


The participants are equipped with climbing gear, which is put on under supervisor’s instructions. Instructors check the safety of the gear before performing specific tasks.

The park is designed for a variety of groups – families, schools, teambuilding groups, and all those who want to feel the adrenalin flow in a controlled and safe environment.

The only conditions are height (min. 140 cm) and sobriety (the use of breathalyser before taking part in the activities).

The tasks are performed on an 8-metre high trail – high and low elements – and are guided by a qualified instructor.

High Elements

Bridges stretched between pillars are situated at a height of 8 metres. Cables above them protect the participants from falling. When passing from one task to another, the participants reconnect their safety equipment under the supervision of their task partner and qualified instructors.

The track includes different tasks: tightrope walking, crossing beams and narrow bridges, 1.5-metre jumps, passing from one pillar to another through a large net, passing from one swing to another, passing over hanging tires, etc.

The individual’s physical, technical, and psychological coordination is significant when performing the tasks – the participant coordinates his or her body movements and tries to find a way to cope with an obstacle and overcome fear.

Low Elements

Composed of different tasks that are carried out in groups, participants have to cross over the elements by means of mutual assistance and produce the best possible results through team work. 

The aim of the tasks is to overcome fear, practice individual balance, motor skills, and concentration, to boost his or her self-esteem, development, endurance, team spirit, and motivation, and to develop leadership skills and to allow children and adults alike to experience real adventure.

It is very entertaining, completely safe, and suitable for children aged 10 years and above, while the upper age limit depends on you.


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