Hostel Vila

Terme Tuhelj have added another new accommodation facility which has been designed for younger people, guests who are travelling and need lodging for the night, as well as for guests who organise their vacation in a way which enables them to see and experience as much as possible within the shortest possible time while spending the smallest amount of money. 

This multi-storey hostel can host 20 persons. It consists of 4 comfortable rooms for 2 persons, 2 dormitories for 6 persons, a living room with a dining room, a large terrace for socialising, and sanitary facilities. Rooms have their own bathrooms, while dormitories share 3 bathrooms. This modern design hostel has walls decorated with large photo wallpaper depicting the nature of our surroundings. The hostel of fairies (and elves) is a part of the Art&Spa concept, since the photos have been taken by photographer Nino Verdnik.

So, the hostel has its old name, but it has a new meaning. Now the former “Villa” (Croatian: vila) is an accommodation facility for positive and open people who enjoy meeting new cultures. During their stay in Zagorje, our fairy tale in the palm of your hand, they become happy and cheerful fairies and elves (Croatian: vile i vilenjaci).

It is a so-called brown-field investment, which refers to an investment into an area of an existing building, turning existing areas into new, useful facilities, i.e. adding new value to unused buildings instead of defiling pristine nature. The project was carried out in cooperation with the Croatian National Tourist Board, within the “Public Call for Project Proposals related to Tourism Initiatives”, which co-financed it in the amount of EUR 17,000.00, while the total investment was EUR 50,000.00.