Art & Spa

Art as a well-being therapy

What do we need for happiness, relaxation, for satisfaction and fulfillment? A good massage, afternoon sauna or a bit of swimming. On the other hand, also a good movie, a show, a koncert or merely a look at an attractive piece of art that fills us with its multiple meanings, brings us to thinking, awakens positive energy in us and encourages us to take action or calms us with its colours, shapes, sounds or simply with its beauty. Just like wellness.

What if we could have all of that?

Art in Terme Tuhelj is at your fingertips, even when we do not realize it. From the very beginning of our operation, we are combining design, art, culture, education, wellness and relaxation. Nothing was left to chance ...

Become a part of our artistic journey and leave your mark in the story of Art&Spa